You deserve the life you have always dreamed about

What if you could Finally be in control of The Direction of Your Life?

 - What if  you could go to sleep and know that your life is going exactly the way you want it to go?

 - What if you could stop doubting and second guessing yourself and instead start trusting yourself?

 - What if you could have the confidence to do the things you have always wished you could do?

 - What if you could ensure that your relationships were supportive & uplifting & fun?

 - What if you could look in the mirror and really love the person looking back at you?

 - What if your life could be EVERYTHING you ever wanted it to be (and maybe even more)?

You can have it all

this program is going to change how you think about everything, especially yourself

The thing that is keeping you stuck in a mediocre life is that brain of yours, and I am an expert at coaching those.

this is not some blah, blah course where nobody really cares about you. 

This program is all about using LOVE, Trauma Informed Coaching and sustainable practices.  No fluff here.  We create real change starting Day 1

RE-INVENTION is a membership like no other

This is not therapy or self-help.  This is me coaching you and retraining your brain.  Think of me as your brand new coaching bestie

Imagine … 


Waking up each morning feeling energized and excited about the day to come.


Having total clarity about what you are doing in your career, relationships, and personal life


Knowing exactly how to handle stress, frustration, rage and all other negative emotions.


Trusting yourself  to always make the decisions that are right for you without second guessing yourself or completely shutting down.


Saying what you mean and meaning what you say in every interaction


Going to bed at night feeling mentally and emotionally settled and ready for sleep


Feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin

Let me know if this sounds familiar?


You wake up in the morning and feel anxious and behind


You know that you “should” think “positive” but life just feels overwhelming and hard


You beat yourself up to try and hold yourself accountable and keep yourself “on track”


You perpetually doubt and second-guess yourself


You find yourself swinging from “freak out” mode to “shut down” mode


You have troubles sleeping and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling stressed out and unhappy

It doesn't have to be this way

No matter where you are at in your life right now, true fulfillment & happiness IS possible for you.  I promise.

This is exactly why I created the 


you can be feel empowered in your life once you know how to manage your powerful brain.

are you ready to finally feel TRULY HAPPY?

Hi!  I'm Amanda Hess

I'm a Life & Success Coach and I specifically help driven women stop letting being labeled as “disordered” or “different” keep them from living a hell YES life!

I've been to hell and back.  I was diagnosed with a Personality Disorder right in the middle of some of the hardest years of my life.  I spent years trying to “fix” myself and it wasn't until I found a Life Coach that I finally realized that there was nothing wrong with me, so I didn't need fixing.

I've learned exactly how to handle my trauma, change how I think and fully manage my emotions.  I changed my entire life and I want to help you change yours too! 

We start june 1

What my clients say


“Amanda helped me realize that I was just human and having human issues and feelings. Amanda showed me how to give myself space to feel and hear what my gut was saying, to not react to them.” 


“Absolutely nothing would have been more valuable than the money that I spent on coaching. Coaching was completely priceless in what it has added to my life”


“In coaching with Amanda I found emotional resilience and it completely changed my life.  Therapy has a place and serves a purpose but I can't thank coaching with Amanda enough for the impact it's had on my life.”

Life can be a whole lot more fun!